dissabte, de desembre 24, 2011

No, I disagree...

Barra: China to top medals tables at London Games

LONDON (AP)—An Italian sports official who projects Olympic medals results predicts that China will top the overall and gold medal count ahead of the U.S. and Russia at the London Games.
Luciano Barra issued his final medal projection Wednesday based on results at the most recent world championships of Olympic sports.
Barra, a former senior member of the Italian Olympic Committee, has China winning 103 total medals—43 gold, 31 silver and 29 bronze.
He predicts the U.S. will finish second with 82 medals—35 gold, 19 silver and 28 bronze. He has Russia third with 76 overall— 30, 22 and 24.
At the 2008 Beijing Games, China topped the gold medal table with 51. The U.S. was second with 36 gold but had more overall with 110 medals, 10 more than China.