diumenge, d’agost 31, 2008

Wie als ob ich nichts besseres zu tun hätte

Diese Woche bedeutet für mich etwas ganz interessantes: ich fliege nach Kanada am kommenden Donnerstag. Ich habe viel zu tun davor. An der Universität gibt es viel Arbeit, besonders mit einem Paar Klassen. Wie immer, wenn ich unter Druck bin, fange ich an, um unwichtige Dinge zu denken, und natürlich, alles ist plötzlich schwierig und problematisch. Ich hoffe, ich kann alles spätestens am Mittwoch lösen, damit ich keine Sorgen mit mir nach Kanada bringe. Ich bin sehr froh, dass ich diese Reise mache. Meine letzte internationale Reise war schon vor zwei Jahren. Ich will Mexiko mindestens zwei Wochen verlassen. Dieses Land bietet sehr wenige positive Dinge... Es ist alles so brutal kaputt in Mexiko, dass ich mich nicht vorstellen kann, in diesem Lande noch lange zu leben. Es ist traurig und eine echte Schade. Ich benötige etwas Luft...

dimecres, d’agost 27, 2008

What Olympic Sport Are You?

You Are Archery

You are a bit of a traditionalist. You like old fashioned things with deep traditions.

You also like to see the result of your accomplishments right in front of you.

If practice makes perfect, that's fine by you. You like to practice a skill.

dimarts, d’agost 26, 2008

Angúnia abans de viatjar

D'aquí a una setmana me'n vaig a Canadà de vacances i a visitar un amiguet que hi viu. Llavors, els preparatius em posen els nervis de punta, perquè haig de deixar moltes coses fetes abans de viatjar. M'estressa que també he de emportar-me feina a Montreal, ja que no aniré a una classe més aviat important. A veure com surt tot, i també em preocupa que tampoc porto gaires diners, o al menys la quantitat que voldria. A Montreal vull distreure'm d'un munt de coses que em preocupen, com la família, la feina, la tesi, i clar, els demonis que viuen a la meva psique. Alhora tinc la intenció de veure què tal es viu en dit país. ja què tinc la determinació de marxar de Mèxic. Vull estudiar fora, passar una estona en un altre context, amb altra gent, amb coses noves. A veure què surt. Uff.

dimecres, d’agost 20, 2008

Do you sleep?

As it happens now every so often, it's freaking late. I'm up, half dreaming, half thinking of pasts long gone, of memories perhaps somewhat planted or maybe plain delusions. I keep asking myself, what is it that they are doing? They. The ones I think I've loved, or rather, became obsessed with. The other day a friend lectured me on ancient Persian poetry. How communicating through the wind was a way of exchanging between lovers. So, in this Mexico City night, somewhat cold I went out and asked the wind, do you sleep, K., do you sleep? It's been ten years since I've last seen you, but when you were there, I felt this amazing rush through my veins. I had never felt that way, and, as it was, it only happened in my head. Of course, we were never lovers or anything of the sort, but how I loved you. As intensely as only a 21 year old can love. L. Do you sleep? I should have known better, I was in my mid twenties. But I just allowed myself to become enthusiastic about something, that again, was only happening in my many hours of disperse thoughts. How I castigated you for being somewhat rude, but worse, for ignoring me, how could you? Damn, how I suffered for falling so deeply, for something that was never going to be. Worse and remorse. More recently, D. Do you sleep? My third major infatuation reached unprecedented heights, those of the unskilful. I'm so sorry, D. I never meant to hurt you, I never meant for this travesty to go out of control, I never meant to become so unthoughtful about your feelings. Please forgive me. For the first time ever, someone may have fallen for me. Or rather, for something I invented, for a monster I couldn't control. I'm so sorry. I truly hope you are sleeping and forgetting what happened, for someone did get hurt. What a shame, I am a shame. Do you all sleep? I can't sleep myself. I'm digging in the dirt.

diumenge, d’agost 17, 2008

Coming undone?

August has meant for me watching several hours of the Olympics, when I probably should be doing something else. It has also meant a catfight with my boss, taking a job which may risk another. I've also returned to school, somewhat gladly because it looks like it's going to be an interesting semester. And I've been chatting too much and too intensively with a few people, even one or two I truly really shouldn't... So, as it happens often, my life is a combination of a whole lot of nonsense. Interestingly, I gave a course at the Buddhist Centre which apparently was a success, if not in terms of number of participants, well in terms of content. I lead a puja to close the sessions and then we had a little bit of a party, and we spent a couple of extra hours just enjoying ourselves. That was nice, but it's certainly exhausting preparing courses and stuff. And suddenly there's things, opportunities surfacing. The second half of 2008 looks like a moment of change of opportunity. Yet at the same time I feel like I'm a bit, or rather a lot, off-centre, losing it a bit, or a lot as well. Upside down, clueless. Maybe it's my definite disperse nature playing tricks on me. Or maybe not.

divendres, d’agost 08, 2008

Baile de cifras

Justo que estamos a una hora de que se otorgue la primera medalla, me parece pertinente comentar las predicciones de la conocida revista deportiva gringa SI. Cada olimpiada saca sus pronósticos de medallistas. En algunas ocasiones le adivinan más o menos bien, aunque muchas otras veces no... Generalmente postula que los EUA ganarán, uff, el montón de medallas, arriba de 120. Y siempre se equivocan. Desde 1994 pongo atención a las predicciones, y la única ocasión en la que el equipo norteamericano ha ganado más medallas que las predichas fue en 2002, cuando los estadounidenses superaron todas las expectativas, y se agenciaron arriba de las 30 medallas. Salvo dicho caso, las predicciones de SI con respecto a si mismos están muy sexed up. A ver, veamos lo que propone la antedicha publicación. Bueno, entonces, los Estados Unidos ganarían la olimpiada en tanto conteo de medallas, ca. 12o, pero ganaría menos preseas de oro, 45 que la República Popular China, que podría obtener 47, pero menos en total, alrededor de 100. Bueno, no estoy tan seguro, pero ya veremos que resultados hay dentro de dos semanas. Las demás potencias del Top 10 serían las siguientes: Federación Rusa, 27 oros, 79 medallas finales, Australia, 22 (!!!), 55 en total, Alemania, 15-50, Gran Bretaña, 12-34, Cuba, 12-34, Francia, 11-38, República de Corea, 7-21 e Italia, 7-28.
En lo referente a los países latinoamericanos, la cosa va así: Brasil, 5-15, Argentina, 1-3, Ecuador, 1, Panamá, 1, México, 1-4, Puerto Rico, 2 y Colombia, 1. Ya veremos...

diumenge, d’agost 03, 2008

Are You a Narcissist?

You Are Occasionally a Narcissist
While you have healthy self esteem, you're really not that full of yourself.
Compared to most people, you're quite humble!

Though occasionally, you can't help and reflect on how great you are.
There's nothing wrong with being proud of yourself - as long as you don't let it go to your head!