dimecres, de novembre 14, 2012

Hehe, viejita pero bonita noticia...

Man Organizes Vuvuzela Attack on BP Executives

Adam Quirk is probably a genius. That's because he's devised the perfect plan to combine America's hatred of vuvuzelas-those obnoxious instruments that drown out all other sounds at the World Cup-with its continuing hatred of BP and its disastrous oil spill.

So, how does one combine two completely unrelated things to create a brilliant and beautiful third? Easy. Get about a hundred people to stand out in front of the BP offices and blow on their vuvuzelas all day long while the execs inside go crazy.

We told you Quirk was a genius.

"Twitter and the Internet make it easy for people to complain," Quirk, a Brooklyn resident, tells us. "But in all likelihood, the BP top brass are not scanning Twitter searches for negative mentions and fretting away about it. You have to bring your disdain to where they live if you want them to pay any attention."

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So that's precisely what he's doing. Quirk started the campaign on Kickstarter with a goal to raise $2,000. About $1,000 of that will benefit oil spill cleanup efforts, while the remaining cash will go toward funding the cost of those pesky vuvuzelas.

Currently, Vuvuzelas for BP has received around half the donations necessary to make this organized attack a reality.

After enough money is raised, volunteers from across the Internet will head to the BP International Headquarters in London on a daily basis to blow the South African noisemakers with as much gusto as humanly possible.

"The response has been so positive," Quirk explains. "It's seemingly a fun mixture of memes, but the end result is a net positive, in that BP gets real-world pressure and the Gulf fund gets real money."

You can donate to the cause, as well. Visit the Kickstarter campaign page for more information or check out Quirk's Twitter page for regular updates on the cause. Donations will be accepted through July 7.