dilluns, de desembre 10, 2007

And if I cared

Well, today a friendship may have come to an end. It wasn't a big confrontation, it wasn't nasty or scornful, it was a plain declaration of 'this principles are above all else', and it's of no relevance what yours are. It was succint and straight to the point. In a way it was quite a brutal statement. Knowing me, knowing how I tend to avoid conflictive or stubbornly complicated people, it's quite possible I will call this friendship over. I'm not really in the mood of exploring her motives, not at all. We've had two years to do that. And I'd expect nothing less than an apology, which does not seem to be heading this way. ...Oh but it's sad when a love affair dies, the decline into silence and doubt. I'll give myself a couple of days to mourn the ending of what was seemingly a good friendship, then I'll begin the process of getting over it, move on, and never look back.